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let's call this a contemporary limonaire

under his birth name, boris billier invents specific listening moments since 2002.

his music is suggestive rather than demonstrative, he always gives it to listen in singular conditions.

playing on mental confusions between sound causalities, in very close up listenings, he often erases the traces of sound source identification, and uses to send the listeners far away in their own head.

stone tonus

somewhere between sound installation and "pocket" concert, aries mond -stone tonus- is based on an automated piano and large "open" loudspeakers, mixing acoustic piano sound and minimal electronic lines.


stone tonus is played in an intimist set, it can also be considered as a soundscape for wide empty space and run as a sound installation.


a few images  (without sound...)


Maison Salvan, april of  2018, painting by Flora Moscovici


Pronomade(s), october of 2018,


aries mond first album (out on eilean records) can be heard on this link :

aries mond - come on let's wait -


Technical considerations :

aries mond has a complete autonomy on piano and electronic.

It requires 4 hours setup in an appropriate room.

stone tonus runs as a "loop", then people can get in / get out quietly when they want.

the installation can welcome from 10 to 15 persons in the same time.

the installation can play in standalone mode during hours / days / weeks...

stone tonus can travel in a "big" van (departure from the pyrénées in southern france).

aries mond travels alone.

Production :

contracts can be signed with Freddy Morezon / Toulouse. 

Fee :

standard fee on demand.


under his birth name, boris billier composes with soundfield recordings and plays acousmatic concerts since 2002.

he worked in Europe, in Asia, and in north America, in the fields of contemporary arts, electronic music, and public arts.

he had several commissioned works for festivals and contemporary theatre.

he starts to focus on instrumental music in 2012 using aries mond moniker.

he is published on eilean records.

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