is a new Aries Mond album. 

I dreamed of an electronic music set that could play anywhere out of usual concert places, something I could install and play anywhere, especially in the middle of nowhere, in the country side, in the mountains. 

music for silent outdoor spaces, to hear in a landscape. sound for lost hikers.

so I wrote electronic music in my studio and spent many days in the fields near my house with big battery loudspeakers. I wanted something to hear lying on the grass with a splendid view. 

after quite some time laying on the ground, I wondered if the ground wouldn't start to lay on me... 

so I called this Skinscape.

the album is available on homemade cds and on main streaming platforms.

and the electronic set is now ready to travel.

I hope you enjoy !

release date : december 5th  2023

purchase link :

hear one track 

see a few places around

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thanks for reading !