New album 
01 / 02 / 2024


For this new album I came back to the piano as main instrument.

I recorded sessions with very simple elements, only a few standard chords, very simple patterns, I just wanted to hear a straight piano sound, and make a close up on sustained notes.

For the first time I also worked with a "virtual piano", and as I realised it allowed me to write less and less notes... I kept a few ones.

I wanted to hear these simple sounds and resonances again and again, so I repeated and looped some simple lines or single notes, and made electronic parts turn around these.

In the end, I just hope these simple elements could invite listeners to feel good and appreciate the present listening moment... and perhaps, make them keep cool for tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy.

the album is available on download and streaming (no physical objects this time)

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05 / 12 / 2022

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home made cd available on bandcamp



Gaps and Shortcuts

21 / 02 / 2021

100 cds limited edition

artwork by Claire Droppert


a closer listen / so what / vital weekly / silence and sound / music loop / possible music


Cut Off / IIKKI 008

photography : Dmitri Markov
music : Aries Mond
album/book : Cut Off
march of 2019


Come on let's wait

eilean records, march of 2018

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artwork by martin vlach / design by rémi verdier 

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