sound installation

wood / solid noise transmitters

the sound device...

"aboard" is a sound installation made with wood boards and solid noise transmitters, also called shakers. this means the audio device works like a loudspeaker that would have a wood board instead of a membrane. 

the boards then create fascinating and ghosty sound images, a stunning presence, a "wish to touch" the sound. the vibrating supports seem to be inhabited.

here, the sounds and musics seem to be some far off inboard memories, captured and returned by a basic object.

the soundboards can be installed in different configurations, picture rails, geometric frameworks, or lay back listening points, inviting the audience to choose their listening position and allowing them to literally get in touch with the vibration.

composing for installation forms

aries mond is fascinated by "sound prints". 

he's interested in sound recording as an illusion of reality reproduction, as an illusion to fix time. 

he uses to compose in a concrete studio process, with minimal instruments lines, a few digital punctuations, airy soundscape, and a strong sense of sound edit. 

his solo compositions are always played in installation forms, as they authorize to stretch time and space, and clearly invite listeners to follow personal imaginary paths.

rendez vous

7-8 / 07 / 2020 le baradas, aspet,

24-25-26 / 08 / 2020 la grenouillère, la madelaine sous montreuil,

19-20 / 09 / 2020 pavillon mazar, toulouse,

11-12-13 / 11 / 2022 yâ k'âjir, encausse les thermes.

selection of previous works

aries mond / stone tonus, 2018

automated piano, subwoofer loudspeakers.

maison salvan, 2018.

(paintings by Flora Moscovici)

boris billier / puzzle, 2010-2016

sound field composition, loudspeakers and acoustic objects, played in complete darkness.

puzzle premiered at rennes' opera with festival electroni-k and les tombées de la nuit, it was played on 50 dates between 2010 and 2012.

boris billier / obtenteur(s), 2012

obtenteur(s), documentary sound walk dedicated to rosiériste André Eve.

music for a dead rosebush, small electronic set for headphones.

 commission of excentrique festival.

boris billier / transat, 2003-2010

short sound pieces, played in different acousmatic configurations.

transat was played on 150 dates, in france, spain, canada.


boris billier has been invited in very nice places including le printemps de septembre / les siestes électroniques / la chapelle saint jacques / les escales improbables de montréal / okuparte (sp) / électroni-k / le confort moderne / pronomade(s) / la maison salvan / le lieu multiple / les tombées de la nuit.... and many more.

selected press review

son grand credo, je le cite -la musique moderne est moins pénible à écouter quand on est bien assis- boris billier répond parfaitement à cette proposition / arnaud laporte, france culture, 2004 (about transat)

Un delicato racconto di suono ed immagini capace di trovare profondo lirismo lì dove usualmente non si andrebbe a cercare / so what, 2019 (about cut off)

aries mond's albums -come on let's wait- and -cut off- had reviews in fluid radio (uk), headphone commute (us), rockerilla (it), opduvel (nl), music won't save you (it), so what, to name a few.


aries mond - come on let's wait - eilean records 2018 

aries mond - cut off - iikki books, 2019

aries mond - gaps and shortcuts - 2021

aboard - technical specifications

aboard works in standalone mode, indoor, outdoor, in silent places, galleries, empty houses...

the audience is free to come in and get out anytime.

aboard stays installed during a long period of time.

aboard is made of 16 shakers and 16 boards for the moment.

it can welcome 18 listeners in the same time.


+33 5 61 95 64 53